Patented Clasping Method

This invention gives you an economic and universal method for clasping objects firmly on radial surfaces like tea cups, glasses, cooking pans, paint tins and many more. It is as simple and economic to produce as a paperclip. Both the European Patent and de US Patent have been granted. Many applications are possible and are all included in the patent. Feature is that the clasping forces are realized by form inclusion. The method can be materialized in plastics, paperboard and metal. Applications could be found in tea bags, kitchen gadgets, lemon squeezers, sauce bowls, thermometers, paintbrushes etc.

The clasping method used the method of form inclusion. Furthermore the clasping forces could be used to hold an other element like for example a lemon slice, paint brush etc. The material and production costs are low because this method limits the forces needed. This makes the applications suitable for promotional applications, for disposables (for example to hold portion packages or stirring aids) and event marketing. The clasping application could be an integral part of a product but could also be designed as separate device.